This is the Riberebro Group

Since its birth in 2007, Riberebro has grown to become a specialist in canned vegetables. The firmness and efforts displayed in pursuing this purpose have allowed us to occupy leading positions in the global agri- food sector. Throughout this time we have been able to empower our ability to adapt to market expectations as well as its requirements.

Nowadays, our products are present in 62 countries in five continents, distributing more than 3,500 variaties to more than a million and a half customers.

Our development is based on values that transcend the economic field.  Such as quality, promotion of healthy lifestyles, innovation, respect for the environment, the development of our team both professionally and personally… These are socially shared yearnings that legitimize and strengthen our business. Our long-term growth relies on these principles.

It is our pleasure to invite you to know more about us through this website which aims to be transparent and close to our customers and consumers.